The Rush and Loyalty of Grace – Week 1

The Mystery of Momentum

What’s another word for “wow”? There has to be one. I’m sitting on a card table chair I borrowed from my friend Gloria, in front of my laptop, in my office nook in the attic of my 96 year old mother’s home, astonished by the mystery of momentum and how, when it’s set into motion, unseen forces sweep in to help us toward our destiny.

I’m astonished. Astonished that I ended a relationship with someone I loved, and thought I’d live the rest of my life with, but whose way of living was opposite of mine. There’s wonderment that at this moment I’m nestled into the finished attic at my mom’s and feel as though I’m protected from winter storms, just like sitting in front of a fireplace in a cozy cabin on Lake Superior in Two Harbors, Minnesota during a January blizzard. Safe. In the zone. Cradled in a loving embrace.

Life Just Knows

How did Life know mom needed me here now, as much to upload a photo onto a Facebook post she just wrote, as to lend her my arm so she feels safe as we walk down the sidewalk together to the car to go grocery shopping?  Life knows things. All things, like it was time to be with her. I’m mind-boggled that I don’t feel squelched, but instead feel delight. It ain’t perfect bliss. This evening Mumsy (mom’s nickname) panicked when she didn’t know where I’d, “disappeared to” (upstairs to listen to the Week 2 webinar), and then went to bed, exhausted from worry. I felt guilty for a moment, then remembered what Mark said in the webinar about choosing our response to each experience. I had no idea what my mom was going through, so I chose to say I was sorry she was worried and then released the guilt. And, I didn’t interfere with her going to sleep, as I might have if I’d let guilt take me on a ride into Default-ville. No more folks, right? No more going there, and if we do, we drive back out with each others’ help.

Watching the Universe with Admiration, Joy and Love

So I find myself quite impressed with the Universe, as if I’m watching It do Its’ thing, like an approving parent watches his or her child in a school play; with admiration, joy and love.  Not that it needs my approval.

I’m surprised that suddenly I’m a blogger because I was told to start a blog as part of the Master Key Experience.  All at once I have a Marco Polo account, and a group of comrades I don’t know yet (except for two), but can still call friends because I know they already are.

Grace has filled me with wonder, just as viewing the stalactites and stalagmites did when I toured the Cave of the Winds with my family in the late 1960s. It’s the same sense I had snorkeling in the Cayman Islands and experiencing an enthralling view of vast coral reefs, filled with neon colored creatures existing in beauty normally unseen by the human eye. “If all this beauty exists in the hidden depths of the earth”, I thought, “How much more must exist within us?”. I thanked my HP for the gift; for the glimpse; for the nectar of bliss.

Taking Off Together

I always experience this version of Grace that I’m writing about as I might a tsunami, or a brisk gust of wind, but without any of the destruction. It’s more like a sudden, bold invitation to get back on the ride I was meant to be on and fell off; an invitation that gives me an elongated second to say, “Yes” to getting back on course. Then we take off together, and one of my arms flaps in the breeze, while the other holds onto my hat. Holy cow! (There are other words for wow). I turn around and see a whole group that’s along for the journey. I’m grateful. This is going to be fun (and likely tear inducing).

Hidden Wonder

I have two more words for wow: Master Key.

I can’t wait to find the hidden wonders and watch the concrete covering our golden buddhas start to drop off in chunks.



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