The Best Raspberries – Week 7

I Greet this Day with Love in My Heart

 “Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.” ~ Khalil Gibran

Liberty is defined as,  “The power or scope to do as one pleases.” As someone who fled a domestic abuse situation seven years ago, who has caregiving responsibilities for two family members, a full-time job and a business, this used to seem like an impossible ideal. But with the support of the MKE program, new habits and masterminding, it is becoming a reality!

Recently by brother Gary asked for a ride to the food shelf. I checked in with myself, “Can I choose to say “Yes” and still be at liberty? I decided to take on the challenge. My brother has special needs and doesn’t drive. The ride to the food shelf was filled with sweet his sweet words about how helpful and generous I was to give him assistance.  I had the opportunity to affirm him as well. Gary is super witty, friendly, creative, and has many other great qualities, and I focused on them. I also couldn’t help focusing on how unkept and dirty my car was, both insided and out. It made me feel squirmish.



I knew Gary was going to take about an hour, so, once I dropped him off, I took the opportunity to, “Do it now” and was purging feelings of distress by cleaning up the inside of my car. Then, the “I am fit & in vibrant good health” section of my DMP called to me and I noted that I could take a walk along the railroad tracks behind the building. As I was walking, I thought about how a dirty car isn’t fit for a queen (I’m the Queen of the Boheme according to my DMP). So being a do-it-know kind of person, I got on my iPhone and found a car wash just two minutes away. Back to my car then, whisk. Off I went, with a new awareness of, 1) how I can have liberty in the midst of “duty”, and, 2) how I want my envirionment, including my car, to reflect my DMP and thus my life.


Getting my car washed and vacuumed was so much fun. I finished in time to return and meet Gary as he came out of the food shelf building. There he was with a cart full of organic produce and other beautiful food. It looked like a cornocopia. Gary’s face was beaming with happiness and contentment. As I helped him unload groceries into the trunk, he proudly handed me a carton of big juicy raspberries.

Driving home with bountiful nourishment and love for my brother gave me a great sense of gratitude and joy. With my PPN of Liberty, and the MKE program, and my own free will, I’m not in servitude to anything except my good habits. And they are mine!

And the raspberries? They turned about to be the very best raspberries I’ve ever tasted.


3 thoughts on “The Best Raspberries – Week 7

  1. Fabulous realizations! You could have chosen to look at the entire situation differently, which would have given you an entirely different outcome – BUT you chose love and service! And you are reaping what you sowed!

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  2. Dittos to Nancy Ottinger’s comment. Reading your post put a smile of encouragement on my own face. I have the challenge of caretaking too, and with MKE I am rethinking, reapproaching….the way I am dealing with the situation, and I am definitely seeing an entirely new and different and POSITIVE outcome. I’m finally getting off on my “hamster wheel”…because I CHOOSE to.


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