I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy – Week 13


Credit, Photo by Dawn Vogel, Luminous Concepts Productions

I AM WHOLE. I have nothing lacking within me or in my environment that I need, or couldn’t get if I wanted to. I have an active mind, creative thoughts, brilliant ideas, the ability to reason, senses to connect with the physical world in all it’s beauty and terror, intuition to guide me, emotions to connect to myself and with others. I was born with ten fingers and ten toes. I am pain free. I look at the Gal in the Glass and I am good with her. I have everything I need. I AM WHOLE.

I AM PERFECT. Every moment I am exactly where God would have me be. I’m in the right place and the right time doing the right thing. I do my best and my best is perfect. I perfect the power I have to govern my thoughts. I am imperfect, and that is perfect. Wabi sabi; the beauty of imperfections makes me interesting. I am genuine; real. I love the uniquenes of my perfectly imperfect imperfections. I AM PERFECT.

I AM STRONG. I am capable to taking care of my self; of giving myself liberty and doing the work to get recognition for creative expression. I am strong. I am a strong creator, creating first with my imagination and emotions, and then on paper, with canvas, with beads, with words, and with my clients. I am physically strong. I have stamina. I have more staying power and focus than the Energizer Bunny. The more I “Do it now” the stronger I get. The more I meditate and visualize, the stronger I become. The stronger I become myself, the stronger I am for others. I take a stand. I always speak up. I always tell the truth. The Divine continues to remove all shortcomings from me, and fills me with vigor and vitality. I have a will of steel. I AM STRONG.

I AM POWERFUL. I can wake up when my alarm goes off and determine how my day will unfold. I have creative power and use it on behalf of my own good, and for the good of humanity. I have mental, physical, spiritual, creative, emotional power, and the power of my virtues. My “yes” means yes and my “no” means no. Nobody can usurp my power. Like Victor Frankl, my happiness is not dependent on any outside circumstances. I am the Magician Archetype. I am visionary. I make things happen for myself, for my family, for my friends, for my clients and for the world. I AM POWERFUL.

I AM LOVING. I love all kinds of people and I love life. I adore myself. I write myself love poems. I wake up in the morning and drink a full glass of water knowing it is a love potion from the Universe. I realize my dependency on a God of love who knew exactly what would sustain human life and matched us perfectly to our environment. I love the way I look, the fineness of my hair, the brown flecks in my deep blue irises, the way I think, my graceful mannerisms, the way I dance, the way I speak, the way I dress, the way my right eyebrow raises higher than my left eyebrow when I smile. I love my wrinkles, the way I laugh and my heart of gold. I love myself for all my wins and for all the times I’ve overcome adversity and turned it into gold. I love that some of my history has been torrid; for I am kind to others, give them hope, share their tears and diminish their fears. I love people warmly and affectionately. I AM LOVING.

I AM HARMONIOUS. I get along well with others. I seek alignment with my soul’s purpose. I look for what is out of integrity and bring it into harmony. I avoid discord. I lover classical music more than jazz. I hear the harmony of the spheres in nature and in my soul. I harmonize my will with Spirit and Universal Law. I was born to collaborate. I create harmony and beauty in my environment. I seek to maximize. I hold a vision of a world where people are in harmony with their talents, with themselves and with others; and gain conscious understanding of universal laws. I cooperate with what is good. I create order out of chaos. I am at peace with myself, others and with my past. I AM HARMONIOUS.

Because I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving and harmonious, I AM HAPPY. I laugh a lot. I find amusement in every day things. I try not to take myself too seriously. I exercise my creativity through humor. I feel good about my life, about my DMP, and about the support I receive from the Master Key Experience material, staff and my mastermind groups. I am grateful to be alive. There are so many things to be happy about: healthy food in the refrigerator, supportive friends, useful and challenging work, the beauty of nature, GiGi the cat, my amazing son and daughter-in-law, my brother who keeps me laughing and also on my mental diet, my life-filled grandchildren, knowing that we are here to enjoy life and that I’m doing just that. I AM HAPPY.

“With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.”

~ Excerpt from Deseridata


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