Saying Yes to Self-Authority – Week 14


Self-Identity, Self-Authority & Self-Responsibility

“Rock the Boat. Do Rock the Boat Baby. Tip the Boat. Do Tip the Boat Over.”

“The gorilla is quiety charismatic and a symbol of raising our heads and recognizing the nobility within us.”  ~ from Spirit Animal Totems

I just adopted the gorilla as my power animal.

I say YES to healthy adaptation and resilience. I say NO to over-accomodation, pleasing others at my own expense and postponing delivering on my soul’s greatest purpose for being on this planet.


  • To being myself fully and without any reservation.
  • To forthright expression of all of my emotions without fear of what others will think, or despite feeling afraid to speak out.
  • To telling the truth, even if it’s scary.
  • To always behaving in line with my values of creativity, contribution, freedom, recognition, awe, beauty, collaboration, adventure, learning and connection with others.
  • To always standing up for myself.
  • To knowing what I want and going for it with gusto.
  • To not letting someone else talk me out of any of my well thought out decisions or  perceptions.
  • To putting my needs and wants first.
  • To adapting to others needs and wants, only if I’m not sacrificing my own.
  • To not postponing my life in any way, including the postponement of goals, dreams, tasks, fun or responsibilities.
  • To securing my success, even if someone else may be threatened by it.
  • Genuineness, authenticity and living my truth moment-by-moment.
  • To taking care of myself by eating nutritiously, sleeping 7.5 hours a day, exercising and making self-care and my own projects my first priority.

I never give my thoughts, emotions, creativity, sponteneity, authenticity or capacity for intimacy to keep others around, get their approval, or not make waves.”

I do it now!

I always keep my promises!


Valerie J. Olson

“This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any ( person) man.” Polonius (In Hamlet, by William Shakespeare)

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