Kindness Dissolves all Walls – Week 17

What would it be like to live in a world where kindness is the keynote? Or maybe we’re already living in this world and we just aren’t aware of the acts of kindness happening all around us all the time.

Last week hundreds of Master Key Experience students practiced observing and doing acts of kindness.  What I learned through this practice is that kindness is often gentle, simple and easy; it’s like a light breeze, a ray of sunshine, or a bubbling brook. Being kind doesn’t require a big effort or campaign.

It just takes a moment to be kind; to give someone a hug, open a door, acknowledge someone, give someone your seat on the bus, or get them a cup of coffee. You can of course be kind in more dramatic ways. But it’s the small acts of kindness that truly make this world a better, more loving, more flourishing place each day.  So if you’ve felt discouraged about our times, consider looking for the kindnesses all around you for a few days and your hope will be rekindled.

Just as we in this program are becoming better stewards of our thinking, we can also be good stewards of our actions. We can show ourselves kindness by monitoring our thoughts, practicing self-care, and taking the necessary steps toward our Definite Major Purpose. What could be kinder than a world where everyone has a Definite Major Purpose and a kind, honest and helpful support network?

You’ve probably seen or heard Aesop’s quote, “No act of kindness, however small, is wasted.” Well, I think even it undersells the power of  kindness, which is best demonstrated through small acts that are easy to pull off. All good things have energy, and all evil things have none. I think we can all agree that spreading kindness is a good thing; it’s catchy, it makes a difference to our quality of life. Each act of kindness ripples out and adds more love, gratitude, confidence, and well-being into the stream of life.

I’m going to turn Kindness Week into Kindness Month and see what happens inside myself and in my world. How about you? Will you notice kindnesses occuring at work, in stores, at the gym, in your own life?

7 thoughts on “Kindness Dissolves all Walls – Week 17

  1. Whether I do, or don’t become more aware of kindness, in general, Cindi, your post has tipped the scale in the positive direction! 🙂


  2. Hi Val,
    The link worked! Very good thoughts here about kindness. And, offering it others is definitely a form of self-care for me because it brings my obsessive thoughts about myself and what I am or am not doing right into balance. It’s so easy to be “right” by offering a little kindness to others!

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