Squash & the Law of Relaxation – Week 17HJ


Photo credit: gimmesomeoven

Reading the 7 Laws was added to our MKE homework this week. The 7 Laws are:

  1. Law of Substitution (we can’t think about two things at the same time).
  2. Law of Relaxation (mental effort defeats itself).
  3. Law of Practice (with practice of the correct things we improve).
  4. Law of Forgiveness (we must forgive everyone in order to clear the channel to the Divine).
  5. Law of Dual Thought (attaching feeling to a through we want magnetizes it).
  6. Law of Subconscious (when an idea is accepted by Subby, Subby makes it happen).
  7. Law of Growth (whatever we think about grows and what we forget about diminishes)

Lately I’ve been enamored with butternut squash. I peel it, scrape out the seeds, cut it into little pieces, toss it in olive oil, put herbs d’Provence, sea salt and cracked pepper on the mixture and roast. It’s basically desert, without the sugar.

This morning I attacked the squash with a peeler. I was truly battling to get the damn skin off the squash so I could cut it up. I was struggling! Suddenly, the Law of Relaxation came to mind. I realized as I was going to war with this root vegetable, I was also straining mentally to get the job done. It occured to me then that the Law of Relaxation may apply to peeling vegetables. So I took a deep breath, cleared my mind of tension and relaxed my thoughts. Soon, I was peeling the squash gently and it was going much better. I learned that with less effort, I could peel it like an apple. I enjoyed myself so much more. It was no longer combat; it was pleasure.

I’ve also noticed recently that I grip the steering wheel pretty tightly when I’m driving. Now I’m wondering what other ordinary daily activities I accompany with a strained mental state?  I’m going to be on the look out for when I’m exerting more physical force or mental energy than is necessary to complete task, whether mental or physical.

I believe the Law of Relaxation is going to change my life by bringing more joy and ease to it.

I remember when I was being trained as a personal coach, the instructor would walk by me as I was coaching someone and say, “Soften your eyes”. He was teaching me the Law of Relaxation. I was straining too much to really be connecting with the person across from me, and it affected my ability to listen deeply.

I realize now that when our minds are relaxed they are receptive, and receptivity is magnetic! We don’t have to fight for our DMP, we just have to visualize, believe and gently repeat it, with enthusiasm. Even enthusiasm should not be strained. It is a natural outgrowth of our connection to Spirit.

How about you? Are you putting more mental or physical effort into things than is really necessary? Or do you approach most of your daily tasks with a relaxed mind?

Below is a photo from a Martha Stewart article. It shows no sign of any battle having occurred. This is how I want the scene of my squash cutting to look like.


Photo credit: Martha Stewart

Peace be with you. Remember, your vegetable peeler matters less than your mental state.

11 thoughts on “Squash & the Law of Relaxation – Week 17HJ

  1. Great observations! I would have never thought of peeling a butternut squash in a relaxed frame of mind–those are really tough to peel! I think the next time I peel one it will be much easier, thanks to you! 🙂

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