Grateful for all Things – Week 18

A couple things happened recently that changed the pace of my life.

My son had a big challenge, so I rose to the occasion and “camped out” at his house for a week to support him while he got back on track. At the end of that week, I also slipped on the ice while cleaning the snow off my car that was parked at the top of the driveway, fell and broke my left wrist.

A friend of mine is going through chemo. I compared our challenges and put myself on The 7 Day Mental Diet.

This evening I would like to rip off the splint and use my arm and hand like I’m used to doing. Instead, I’m going to be grateful that I have a left arm, left hand and five working fingers, that I didn’t break my right hand (I’m a rightie), that my body will heal and that I learned a lesson I’ll share in my next blog post. That lesson has been trying to get my attention for a long time. I bet you’ve had similar, “Learning the hard way” experiences. When the body speaks, you have to finally listen!

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