Subby is the Body – Week 19

As a career and leadership coach I’ve noticed a pattern with my clients. If he or she knows it’s time to leave a work situation that isn’t right for them, but they overstay, something will happen. They’ll miess up on an important project, for example, and put their job at risk.

This is true in daily life as well.

Many people (especially women) that I know, and who I coach, are overextended. They know they should,  a. Put on the brakes, b. Say “no” more often, c. Get more sleep, d. Put boundaries around their job and home life, etc., e. Take time to do things they enjoy, f. Meditate, g. Get to the gym, h. Take a vacation, etc. But they don’t.

When I broke my wrist last  week, I immediately realized it was my body’s way of allowing me to do a-h above. Since the incident (falling on ice), I’ve talked to a surprising number of women who were over-extended and had an arm or leg injury that slowed them down.

The fact is, Subby (our subconscious mind) will ALWAYS get us what we want, but we have to take the lead so it happnes in a manner that causes us to flourish, rather than suffer.

Do you need to do a-h above, but can’t seem to get around to it? Don’t make your body do for you later what you can do for yourself now.

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