Bionic Woman – Week 22



I wrote about a FALL I took two weeks ago at the top of my son’s driveway. It was a blunt force injury; the kind that happens when you stop the backward fall of a 115 pound body with your hand and your wrist hyperextends as you land with a thud.

In any given Minnesotan community we’re seeing a lot of people wearing casts. A record number of bones were broken after an ice storm followed by heavy snow. Roads, sidewalks and driveways turned into ice rinks. I’m grateful I only broke my wrist because it could have been much worse. I know someone who fell on the ice three days ago, hit his head, had a stroke and died. From Og Mandino, “I live this day as if it is my last. And if it is not, I shall FALL on my knees and give thanks.


My surgical experience happened Tuesday, February 26. I walked into the Clinic after listening to my guide, Nancy Ottinger’s Marco Polo’s recording: “I know everything will go well and your healing will be rapid and perfect. Your wrist will work perfectly well when this is all said and done. So, take care, be brave and let me know if I can do anything for you as always.” I was so grateful for her message and support which helped attune my “world within” setting up a positive vibration that set the stage for the whole experience.

I liken it to being at a spa with drugs, because when anethesia takes over and all care is cast to the wind. Apparently during surgery I had a pleasant dream, because I woke up smiling, turned my head toward my left arm and happily realized it was over.

What I like about the MKE teachings, including Og Mandino’s Scroll 5 message, is that we are in charge of our moods, “Inside me is a wheel”, he writes, “constantly turning from sadness to joy, from exultation to depression.” He then goes on to apply the law of substitution. “When I feel fear I will plunge ahead.” Nancy’s words helped me plunge ahead into the unknown.


With the good surgeon’s skill, the new inner appliance making my left distal radius bone strong again, and support from the MKE community and others, I now consider myself a reincarnation of the Bionic Woman.

With all the tools, practices and support at our disposal, we are all bionic. Carry on, plunge ahead and do your sit.


9 thoughts on “Bionic Woman – Week 22

  1. Sorry that you had the fall Val, but it sounds like you’re better in spite of it! Many lessons applied and bionic powers to boot!

    My sister had foot surgery last year and she concurs with Alejandro’s advice to keep up with the physical therapy. She didn’t do enough and ended up in a lot of pain because the muscles didn’t stretch back out enough, which affected her gait, back, etc. Everything is connected! (She’s back in PT now, stretching everything back out).

    I know you are taking the physical therapy to heart, just wanted to add one more incentive to keep it up because I know it can be painful and seem like it takes forever! It’s worth it, and worth doing all of it now! πŸ™‚ Hang in there, take care, and best wishes for a full, speedy recovery! πŸ˜‰

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  2. Hi Laura – I am taking the PT to heart and using my Do it Now repetitions and other MKE tools to knock it out of the park. I’m already using my left hand to make jewelry. Thanks so much for your wise support, and Alejandro’s as well. And good luck to your sister!

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  3. Go ahead Bio Woman! What’s cool is my mom let us watch that on DVD so I can see you as that lady. New understanding, new power, new presence and new ripple in this thing called life you have made. Keep going sis! You got this.

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