Grace – Week 24


One of my mastermind groups met this morning to celebrate my friend’s birthday.  She was telling us about a difficult family situation and my other friend and I listened and offered our support. Toward the end of her tale, the subject of grace came up. After a couple of minutes, she looked up and saw the grouping of decorative trivets on the wall of our booth, and exclaimed, “My mother used to have that exact trivet!” Suddently, grace had appeared, and she took comfort in the fact that her mother was with her during this challenging time.

It’s been grace that brought me to the Master Key Experience, and I’m so grateful to have all of the teachings as grace moves me forward toward my definite major purpose. This is round one, folks, because I need these practices, people and principles in front of me, day-by-day, for the rest of my life!


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