About Me & Press Release


I’m an artistic, sensitive soul with the heart of a gorilla. I’ve traveled on this planet long enough to know what is to be treasured and what is to be discarded. I sewed my white blouse inside out in a home economics class in eigth grade because I wasn’t given the option to sew what I wanted. I’m a bit more mature now. I know I have options and I don’t have to be spitefully rebellious. I’ve lived in an ashram, helped thousands of clients align their individual lives with their purpose and find or create meaningful work. I have experience working for three startup companies, and I’ve written down 2000+ of my night dreams and used them for guidance.


“Before 2025, I’m a prolific artist, world traveler, owner of a million-dollar+business, and best-selling author of three books, living in FL and MN, who ignites an international movement of thousands of prospering creative entrepreneurs who earn massive income from their talents and ideas and create an endless tidal wave of beauty, joy, wealth and awe across the planet which heals and transforms all in its wake.”


June 1, 2021

Val Olson, CEO of Soul Identity recently announced the launch of  a certification program for coaches and other world changers. Olson’s book, Soul Identity, is up for a MN Book Award, and Soul Identity is on a roll. The certification program is unusual in that it merges fashion and psychology, and coaching fundamentals. With a waiting list of 500, it’s poised to transform the lives of of tens of thousands of creatively-focused entrepreneurs, their clients and customers within the next few years. Olson calls the program, which licensees attendees over the course of six months, a self-discovery journey. “We guide participants through a proven process to identify, pursue and achieve their soul’s purpose, which, because of our target market, is often related to creative expression. Our unique coach approach and belief in the power of style, positivity and inner work, is going to be transformational for our entrepreneurial participatns and the customers they serve.”

Olson is known in the tranformational coaching field as the “Queen of the Boheme”. She is thought to be a sort of pied piper for creatives on the path to their heart’s desire. Her groundbreaking research and work on the centuries old, “disenfranchisement of intuition and emotion”, has started a creativity avalanche. Soul Identity has empowered Intuitive Feelers (people who are contextual thinkers and deeply empathic, who she says are, “Creating new territory for themselves as “Prospering Bohemians”, a term Olson coined based on the fact that the modern day bohemian doesn’t live on the fringes of society, but is rather at the center of it, shaping society for the better .

Olson has accomplished a lot over the past five years. What’s especially impressive is her smooth juggling of an international travel schedule,  speaking invitations after her TEDx talk on the creative evolution went viral, the oversight of her company, learning and pushing her creative talent in several areas, including oil painting, glass sgraffitto and other media, and ability to stay in the flow of her writing, meeting her deadlines in advance.

“I’m especially grateful to be bringing cultural recognition of the importance of creativity and the value that creatively wired people bring to society.  I love helping creatives step forward and do what they’re hear to do; bring their creative talents fully to the world.” Olson continued, “Because western society consists of mostly sensate (practical) and thinking (logical) dominant people, intuitive feelers have taken a back seat, vocationally, financially, interpersonally and spiritually, and culturally”.  Her work has broadened cultural awareness of how highly intuitive, highly empathic individuals and society have missed out on our cultural “dissing” of the different; of those unlike the majority. Olson sees the mission of Soul Identity, with its partnerships and high visibility in the creative economy, as spreading joy, beauty, and creativity. “These qualities are part of the spiritual response needed to displace discord and lack of harmony in the world”.

Olson attributes much of her success to participation in the Master Key Experience (MKMMA), and her diverse friendships, colleagues and mentors world-wide. Because of universal laws, Olson says, “I always keep my promises”. She follows her inner compass and stays intently focused on her chief aim. “Do it now” is her favorite saying. She recently fell in love with a man who totally fits her ideal mate profile. “He is” she says, “A person with all the great attributes my previous partners had, plus alignment with me and her soul’s purpose. We are having great adventures traveling the world and together”!

Olson is on track to $200M in assets less than four years from now, or before, and Soul Identity is on course to continue to inspire, influence and impact others for decades. Olson says, “Soul Identity will hit a multi-million dollar revenue target by 2023.” She is a living example to her readers, program participants and others, that creative dreams can come true and even make you a millionaire. “You need to change your habits of thinking and harness your inner powers, so your subconscious mind knows your definite major purpose and works to achieve it for you.”  Olson is also proud and happy that her vibrant artwork can be found in beautiful homes, commercial properties and galleries around the globe. She is living the dream of being a prosperous, multi-media artist and entrepreneur, while helping others be more creative and achieve their hearts’ desire.